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vsHome Pricing and Licencing

For our larger clients who provide licences to other companies, an administrator is setup to manage each end-user licence. You’ll be able to activate/de-activate a licence, control which product lines are available to the end-user, set discount levels, control saw driver integration and more.  Retailers/installers can come directly to us, we’ll setup their licences which can be managed through our online Purchase Portal website. The Purchase Portal allows you to manage add-on modules for the software and payment options.

Base Licence

£ 65per month + VAT
Solid Roofs, Conservatories & Orangeries
Skylights, Windows & Doors
Garden Rooms, Pergolas and Louvres
Survey Data
Visualisation Tool
Basic Pricing (inputting a value)
Report Suite
vsHome AR (augmented reality & VR app)
Telephone Support
Access to our Knowledgebase & Ticketing System
Regular Updates

Professional Licence

£ 85per month + VAT
All Features of the Base Licence
Free Form Tool for Complex Roof Shapes
Automated Pricing as you Design
Window Wizard

Virtual Shopfloor Pricing and Licencing

Please email for information regarding Virtual Shopfloor pricing and licencing.