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Compatible Glazing Products

Unlike competing options in the market, PST’s software solutions stand out for their compatibility with all types of glazing home improvement products. Our unique 3D modelling system offers flexibility, allowing you to design in both standard and custom product lines with ease.

Whether you are demonstrating, selling, surveying or manufacturing any of these products, PST’s innovative and user-friendly solutions will transform the way you do business. Unparalleled technology and flexibility means that from sales interfaces to manufacturing software, your processes will be fully integrated with information presented in the optimum format for users at each stage of the process.

Below you will find the extensive list of glazing home improvement products that can be demonstrated, sold, surveyed and manufactured using advanced PST software:

Solid Roof Models

PST software can be used for all major roof styles such as Victorian, Lean-to’s, Gable, Edwardian and more. You can effortlessly incorporate glass roof panels or velux skylights and even create complex roof shapes by adding cutouts.


Compatible with a wide range of major glass conservatory styles, our system allows you to create your own bespoke glass library. You can customise various elements such as thickness, colour and decorative features to perfectly suit your needs.


Orangeries have become increasingly popular as alternatives to both conservatories and solid roof extensions. Featuring a spacious glass lantern roof, these structures have been designed to maximise the level of sunlight.

Garden Rooms

With its straightforward and speedy installation process, homeowners can effortlessly add a distinctive new space to their garden in no time. Utilise vsHome to design and create quotes for Garden Rooms.


Pergola’s have quickly become a popular outdoor investment for UK gardens in the recent years. Create versatile Pergola designs and personalise the timber colour and finishing touches effortlessly using our vsHome software.


Create your own louvre in a range of different colours, customising everything down to the blade spacing and direction in our louvre models.  Design and price quickly and easily in vsHome.

Doors and Windows

PST software can be used for any shape or style of window design, covering standard casements, through to highly complex designs. It seamlessly integrates with various types of residential doors, including bifold, sliding, patio doors and more.