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Software Solutions

Virtual Shopfloor

Increase the efficiency of glazing and home improvement product manufacturing with powerful manufacturing software. Compatible with a wide range of products such as roofline products, stand-alone windows and doors, fascia products, portal frames and more. Virtual Shopfloor will transform your shopfloor operations.


Advanced, simple to use sales and surveying software that allows sales representatives to deliver a unique and interactive sales experience. This innovative solution is ideal for use in the home and showroom. With direct editing of 3D models and a full reporting suite, vsHome can generate quotes and survey reports at the press of a button.

vsHome AR

Allow customers to visualise their designs in 3D Augmented Reality (AR). Share your designs with your client and let them explore their new home extension using advanced AR technology from PST. What better way to bring a design to life than to let your customer step inside and see how the new space could work on their own home.