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PST Support

Here you’ll find all the essential tools and resources which will allow you to manage your PST software solutions effectively. You can access our PST Support Portal to submit a ticket to our software support engineers or explore our video guides for VS & vsHome. Manage your licences and subscriptions effortlessly through our Puchase Portal, stay up to date with the latest features by checking out our VS & vsHome Downloads Portal. If you are wanting to download and install our CAST PDF Viewer, click below. 

As a PST customer, you have access to our dedicated support team, if you can’t find what you need on this page or want to speak to our support team directly, you can reach out via phone or email using the contact details provided on the contact us page, or submit a ticket through the Support Portal. Our support team is available Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm. 

PST Support Portal

Click here to be taken to our ticketing system, and to access our video guides for VS and vsHome

Purchase Portal

Click here to be taken to the Purchase Portal, where you can manage your licences and subscription

Download Portal

Click here to be taken to the updates portal for VS and vsHome


Click here to download our CAST PDF Viewer

System Requirements

Click here to download our system requirements for VS and vsHome