Virtual Shopfloor

Virtual Shopfloor is a powerful manufacturing-based software solution that has all of the sales functionality of vsHome. Choose from our vast library of templates and modify 3D models directly with easy drag and drop tools. With live testing as you work, models are continuously checked against the tolerances of the roofing system and its structural capabilities. The user receives information on how to rectify issues, ensuring complete accuracy for all projects.

Add in extra costs to the job such as labour, planning requirements and groundwork, benefitting from instant cost calculations as you go. Use the reporting suite to create professional quotations and survey reports that can be viewed in your PDF reader, ready to print or send to your client. As well as the standard sales reports, Virtual Shopfloor creates various manufacturing reports and interface files that allow the software to send cutting instructions directly to a wide range of saw controllers.

Virtual Shopfloor eliminates the need to use various software programmes at once, giving you everything you need in one place. Creating a seamless workflow from sales and survey right through to manufacturing. With industry-leading flat-pack rates, a dramatic drop in trial build rates and substantial annual savings, Virtual Shopfloor is widely recognised as the de-facto solution for the glazing industry.


High Flat Pack Rate

Used by many of the large fabricators in the UK. Flat Pack rates are typically 20% up on that from previous software used. Flat pack rate for Virtual Shopfloor is 97%.


Extensive Product Line

Suitable for a wide range of products; roofline products, stand-alone windows and doors, residential doors, garage doors, fascia products, portal frames and more.


Saw Interface

Transfer cutting instructions directly from VS to the saw interface by creating various saw driver output files. Compatible with a wide range of saw controllers.


Instant Costing

Customise your pricing with a simple matrix or calculate the costs with the exact materials used. Include extra costs such as labour and site costs.


Full Report Suite

Create branded sales and survey reports and numerous manufacturing reports such as full-spec small parts drawings, top cap cutting templates and customisable hardware printouts

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Integrate Virtual Shopfloor with CAST

Synchronize sales and manufacturing with centralized management and storage of all contracts, products and customer details. 

How do we licence our software solutions?

We want to keep things as simple as possible for our users. Gone are the days of distributing expensive dongles.

For our larger clients who provide licences to other companies, an administrator is setup to manage each end-user licence. You’ll be able to activate/de-activate a licence, control which product lines are available to the end-user, set discount levels, control saw driver integration and more.

Retailers/installers can come directly to us, we’ll setup their licences which can be managed through our online Purchase Portal website. The Purchase Portal allows you to manage add-on modules for the software and payment options.