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The Complete 3D Design, Visualisation and Sales Software Solution

vsHome is an advanced yet simple to use sales and surveying software solution, designed specifically for retailers in the glazing industry. Design, visualise and price for a wide range of products such as windows, doors, conservatories and garden rooms. Bring the customer’s idea to life using the 3D editor and make adjustments with easy drag & drop tools. Share your designs with the customer using the Visualisation Tool or our companion app, vsHome AR. Choose the option to add pricing and calculate the cost of each job with finance tools, discounts and markups. Take advantage of the full reporting suite where you can export branded sales and survey reports at the press of a button.

Create a Customer Database

Track and oversee your entire customer journey from their initial enquiry and sales representative visit to the final installation, keeping you organised and informed every step of the way. Plus, you can easily export and share job details with other vsHome users to streamline collaboration. 

Input Customer Details

Centralise your customer’s information in one convenient location whilst increasing your consistency and efficiency with the automatically generated quotes and order numbers. You can maintain detailed notes for each customer which can be kept private or included in your sales report. 

Create 3D Models

Edit the 3D model directly with the instant drag and drop tools for cut-outs, box gutters, tiebars, roof vents, doors, windows, etc. whilst choosing from a wide range of textures and materials. Additionally, you will have the option to build up your own glazing and solid materials library. 

Input Survey Data

Space to include any additional information needed which isn’t included in the model specifics such as planning permissions or skip hire. You can enter Survey Data in various ways including database items that will base their cost on your models physical characteristics. 

Visualise your Design

Fit your model onto a photo background of your choice, creating a realistic representation of the finished product. Alternatively, take it a step further and experience your designs in Augmented Reality with the vsHome AR app with options to share to your clients phone or tablet. 

Create Reports

The reporting suite creates branded sales and survey reports at the click of a button which can be viewed within the vsHome software or by using your PDF reader. The reports are configurable and extra report pages can be added to your reports if its needed. 

Configurable Window Systems

Customise your window system to get the look and feel of your models exactly right.  With our Window Wizard you can create new window systems and define all the physical properties.  Flush, Overlapping, Chamfered – all settings will be reflected within the model.  You can also input your own profile/hardware finishes, glass decoration, and set up extras like trickle vents, frame reinforcement etc…  Set up price matrices to have the software price as you design.

Multiple Export Formats

Export your models to DXF and Collada format to view in CAD software such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, Photoshop and Sketchup.  Please note 3D models have been discontinued from the latest versions of Photoshop.

Base Licence

£ 65per month + VAT
Solid Roofs, Conservatories & Orangeries
Skylights, Windows & Doors
Garden Rooms, Pergolas and Louvres
Survey Data
Visualisation Tool
Basic Pricing (inputting a value)
Report Suite
vsHome AR (augmented reality & VR app)
Telephone Support
Access to our Knowledgebase & Ticketing System
Regular Updates

Professional Licence

£ 85per month + VAT
All Features of the Base Licence
Free Form Tool for Complex Roof Shapes
Automated Pricing as you Design
Window Wizard

How do we licence our software solutions?

We want to keep things as simple as possible for our users. Gone are the days of distributing expensive dongles.

For our larger clients who provide licences to other companies, an administrator is setup to manage each end-user licence. You’ll be able to activate/de-activate a licence, control which product lines are available to the end-user, set discount levels, control saw driver integration and more.

Retailers/installers can come directly to us, we’ll setup their licences which can be managed through our online Purchase Portal website. The Purchase Portal allows you to manage add-on modules for the software and payment options.