The Complete 3D Design, Visualisation and Sales Software Solution

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vsHome is an advanced yet simple to use sales and surveying software solution, designed specifically for retailers in the glazing industry. Design, visualise and price for a wide range of products such as windows, doors, conservatories and garden rooms. Bring the customer’s idea to life using the 3D editor and make adjustments with easy drag & drop tools. Share your designs with the customer using the Visualisation Tool or our companion app, vsHome AR. Choose the option to add pricing and calculate the cost of each job with finance tools, discounts and markups. Take advantage of the full reporting suite where you can export branded sales and survey reports at the press of a button.


Direct 3D Modelling

Making alterations to products can be a complicated process in other software packages but with vsHome, instant drag & drop tools allow you to build complex models in a short space of time.

Extendable Product Line

Suitable for a wide range of products; roofline products, stand-alone windows and doors, conservatories, garden rooms, pergolas and more…


Share you Designs with the Customer

Visualisation Tool

The Visualisation Tool can be used within the vsHome software. Fit models onto a photo background of your choice, producing a real-life representation of the finished product. More than one product can be displayed on a single background photo.

vsHome AR

View your designs in Augmented Reality with the vsHome AR app. Share your designs directly from vsHome to the client’s phone or tablet and let them explore their new purchase using advanced AR technology. New Virtual Reality Mode is now available, click here for more information..

Claim your 14-day free trial of vshome

Direct Editing of 3D Models

Edit the 3D model directly with instant drag and drop modification tools for cut-outs, box gutters, tiebars, roof vents, doors, windows, etc. Valid drop zones are clearly highlighted in green so you know where to place the item. Choose from a wide range of textures and materials. As well as the default textures and materials available you can build up your own glazing and solid materials library.

Survey Data

Once the design is complete use the survey tools to add extra costs to the job such as planning requirements, groundwork and more. The survey data is completely customisable, allowing you to add any extra costs you might need.


You can use vsHome to price for jobs by adding the ‘Professional License Upgrade’. Get instant cost calculations as you design, set the deposit amount and add discounts. You can even setup different finance providers and custom payment schedules.

Report Suite

The report suite creates branded sales and survey reports at the press of a button. These reports can be viewed within the software or by using your PDF reader.

Window Wizard

The ‘Professional License Upgrade’ will also give you access to the Window Wizard. This allows you to build window data sets where you can add new profile and hardware colours, add boundary components, adjust frame options and hardware settings, set costings and add glass decoration.

Export to 3D DXF and Collada

Export your models to DXF and Collada format to view in CAD software such as AutoCAD, Solidworks and Photoshop

Professional Licence

£85/ per month + VAT
  • All Features of the Base Licence
  • Free Form Tool for Complex Roof Shapes
  • Automated Pricing as you Design
  • Window Wizard

Images taken directly from vsHome software

How do we licence our software solutions?

We want to keep things as simple as possible for our users. Gone are the days of distributing expensive dongles.

For our larger clients who provide licences to other companies, an administrator is setup to manage each end-user licence. You’ll be able to activate/de-activate a licence, control which product lines are available to the end-user, set discount levels, control saw driver integration and more.

Retailers/installers can come directly to us, we’ll setup their licences which can be managed through our online Purchase Portal website. The Purchase Portal allows you to manage add-on modules for the software and payment options.