Visualise your model in Augmented Reality with the vsHome AR app

New Virtual Reality Mode now available!

vsHome AR is the companion app to our point of sale software, vsHome


Easy to Share with the Customer

Once the customer has downloaded the app models can be shared via email, text or QR code.


Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Perfect for when you’re out and about. vsHome AR is compatible with IOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Free Download

The customer can download for free from Appstore or Google Play.


Augmented Reality Technology

vsHome AR has 3 modes, Real Scale, Tabletop and the new Virtual Reality Mode!

Customers can visualise their design using immersive augmented reality technology, in 3 different viewing modes; Tabletop, Real Scale and Virtual Reality! Once you have finished the design, share the model directly from the vsHome software with the click of a button.

The customer will receive an email with a professionally branded report attached, including a link to download the app, an image of the 3D design and a link to open that model in the app. You can also share the model by text or QR code.

Whether they are on the move and quickly want to see what the proposed design will look like or at home where they can scale the model to a life-size representation on the side of their home, there is an option to suit every scenario. By using vsHome AR as an integral part of your quotation process you can give your customers valuable insight into how their new space will look.


Scan the QR codes below to open a model in the vsHome AR app!

real scale mode

Real Scale Mode is ideal for real world situations. For instance, a customer is planning an extension on the side of their home and wants to see what the design will look like attached to the wall where they plan to build. Point the device at the house, the app then works by identifying the vertical and horizontal planes while using an intersection point to perfectly place the model and scale to a life-like representation. Lock the model into place then walk around to view the exterior of the model and step inside to see how the interior of the space will feel.


Tabletop mode

There will be times when the customer is not at home and won’t be able to make use of Real Scale Mode. Tabletop Mode is the perfect alternative for someone who is on the move and wants to check out what their new purchase will look like. Tabletop Mode attaches the model onto a flat surface making it ideal for when you are out for a coffee or at the pub with friends.


new virtual reality mode

Just like Tabletop and Real Scale mode you can share any model directly from the vsHome software to the app by QR code. Once you have selected VR Mode from the menu, slot your device into the VR headset. Once the headset is on, look to the floor to find the teleport symbol. The teleport symbol can be used to quickly navigate around the model without having to physically move, such that the app can be safely used in any location. You can then move your head to look around the interior and exterior of the model.

If you are interested in using VR Mode get in touch with us and we will send you a PST VR Headset!

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