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CAST offers a centralised management and storage facility for all contracts, products and customer details. Aimed at the Virtual Shopfloor user, CAST is the perfect solution if your company requires multi-user access and editing of contracts and data. With remote working becoming more typical in todays society it is essential to be able to access data from any location. CAST allows you to maintain a single version of data files that can be accessed anywhere by a licensed computer, whether that be in the office or at home.

As well as centralised management CAST offers optimisation of multiple contracts to help reduce waste when components are sent to the saw. You also have the ability to perform statistical analysis on contracts by creating various graphs and reports using different groups of data to measure company performance.


Centralised Storage

Multi-user access and editing to centrally stored contracts and data.


Backup your Projects

No data is lost even is a computer is damaged or stolen.


Optimisation Manager

Organise multiple contracts in the order in which all components are sent to the saw to minimise waste.


Satistics & Analysis

Create numerous graphs and reports, compare data and measure internal performance.

Images taken directly from CAST