Case Study

PST Partnership with Eurocell

High praise from Eurocell following successful 13-year partnership with PST.

Leading software solution provider PST is celebrating a 13-year partnership with industry giant Eurocell, having helped the renowned uPVC manufacturer streamline operations and drive efficiency across its product lines for over a decade.

Since 2010, Eurocell has been utilising Virtual Shopfloor, PST’s innovative manufacturing-based software that allows fabricators to choose from a library of 3D model templates or create custom designs from scratch using a free form tool.

Matt Rick, Eurocell’s Conservatory Roof System Technical Manager, comments: “The main reason we approached PST was due to the positive feedback from their other customers, and since then, we’ve been using Virtual Shopfloor for our conservatory roof system. We also now use it for our garden rooms and LUMA, our recently launched roof light product.

“Virtual Shopfloor has brought numerous benefits to Eurocell’s operations, and one of the notable advantages is the significant reduction in processing time. Previously, we would generate multiple quotes for a single contract when clients requested various colours and materials. With Virtual Shopfloor, these options are combined and presented on a single sheet, resulting in substantial time saving.

“Additionally, Virtual Shopfloor enables seamless custom integration. When progressing through a contract status, the software automatically generates export files for purchase orders of third-party items, eliminating the need for manual data entry and further enhancing efficiency.

“The way in which the Virtual Shopfloor interface is structured is completely different to anything else we’ve used in the past. Previous products we’ve used have been dated and have had minimal focus on driving the development on the roofing side – PST’s software is better in terms of the visuals and manufacturing output, and is capable of producing more designs which enables us to achieve a higher flat pack capability.


“It’s not just the product that has benefitted us, but working with PST too. With previous software suppliers, we often found that the programmers had no engineering experience, and information was often lost in translation. With PST, we work directly with Managing Director Neil Travers, an engineer by trade who understands exactly what we’re after and makes the communication process much more efficient.

“PST’s customer-focused and agile approach has played a big part in Eurocell’s growth – not only has Virtual Shopfloor given us an incredible advantage through streamlining our conservatory roof department, but it has also enhanced our design and production capability.

“Partnering with PST back in 2010 has been an extremely worthwhile investment for Eurocell. The company’s software solutions are second to none and have made a huge difference to our manufacturing processes, saving us time, money and hassle.

“The future looks bright as we continue to utilise more of PST’s functionality through our customer base whilst continuously introducing new products.”

PST Managing Director Neil Travers adds: “To have partnered with such an industry-renowned company like Eurocell is a huge achievement for PST, and to have successfully delivered a product that helps to streamline their manufacturing, improve customer satisfaction and enhance effective communication for 13 years is a privilege. At PST, we’re constantly evolving to meet ever-changing market demand, and as we grow, we hope our relationship with Eurocell continues to flourish for many years to come.”