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Six years of success with Supalite

Case Study

Software solution provider PST is celebrating six successful years of success with SupaLite, having significantly streamlined the company’s manufacturing processes.

Since 2017, SupaLite has been utilising Virtual Shopfloor, PST’s manufacturing-based software that allows fabricators to choose from a library of 3D model templates or create custom designs from scratch using a free form tool.

Alan Watters, SupaLite’s technical director, comments: “Our initial discussions with PST took place at the FIT Show, and since then our partnership has flourished. We now use Virtual Shopfloor primarily for fabricating our signature SupaLite roof systems, as well as our ILite Flat Roof Orangery System.

“Prior to our partnership with PST, our processes required us to flat-pack only about 75% of our roofs, which entailed physically assembling the roof on the shop floor to ensure all components matched up accurately. With the introduction of Virtual Shopfloor, we’ve been able to bypass this physical assembly step and significantly boost our productivity.

“Alongside Virtual Shopfloor, we’ve also implemented their Cast software, a cloud-based centralised management solution that allows for multi-user access and editing of centrally stored contracts. Cast has also facilitated the batching of multiple roofs together, optimising our processes even further.

“The tangible benefits of using PST’s software solutions have been evident in the material savings and time efficiencies we’ve experienced, and we would certainly recommend a collaboration with this dynamic company to others.”

PST managing director Neil Travers adds: “To have partnered with SupaLite, a leading name in the conservatory roof market, is an honour, and I’m so pleased to see Virtual Shopfloor and Cast helping to streamline their manufacturing processes.

“PST is committed to adapting and innovating in response to the dynamic shifts in market demand, and as we expand, we look forward to a continued and thriving partnership with SupaLite.”

See the full video on Youtube: PST Success with Supalite.