vsHome AR version 2.1

Augmented Reality Sales Tools

What to expect from our new app

With the release of version 2.1 let’s take a look at vsHome AR and how augmented reality sales tools can help your business.

Sales is a highly competitive field across all industries and with the uncertain financial pressures many homeowners are facing, it’s crucial to leave positive impressions with customers, build strong relationships and provide a quality service. With technology advancing at such a fast rate we now have more tools at our disposal to help facilitate the customer’s journey. This is why we believe in the power of AR. Augmented Reality tech has firmly implanted itself in sectors. Including education, gaming, healthcare and retail, with many more catching on to the benefits of the innovation. With that in mind, we have dedicated sometime now to adapting our app, vsHome AR to enhance your interactions with your customers. Providing them with a fun yet practical tool that gives installers the edge over their competitors.

The concept of vsHome AR

Visualisation is a key factor in home improvement sales. Homeowners are making costly purchases and want to know exactly what they get for their money. vsHome has always had the option to superimpose designs over an image of the customer’s home, with the emergence of AR technology it became crucial that we developed this idea further. Going back to 2019, we created vsHome AR to update the visualisation experience. Providing installers with an exciting new tool they can share with their customers. Now with vsHome AR, users can view high-definition models, on a tabletop surface or scaled to a life-size representation on the side of their home.


Purchasing a conservatory or undergoing any major works on your home is a big deal, therefore the decision is going to take some time. You’ve provided your customer with a detailed quotation and all the relevant information they need to make their choice, now it’s in their hands. By integrating vsHome AR into your sales process, you can go one step further to ensure your customer can make their decision with confidence. Homeowners are becoming younger, with an avid interest in technology so having an innovative tool at your disposal will never go a miss.

How does it work?

Lets simplify the process with a step-by-step guide:

  1. The installer uses vsHome to design a model for their customer.
  2. Once the design is complete select the ‘Augmented Reality’ button of the model you wish to share. This can be found in the product manager screen.
  3. You can choose to share your model by email, text or by simply creating a QR code. For this example, let’s say the customer is at home and you’ve shared the model via email.
  4. The customer receives an email with a personalised report, including an image of the model, QR code and links to download the app for free.
  5. Once downloaded they can use the link in the email or scan the QR code to open the model in vsHome AR.
  6. From there they can select their viewing mode; Tabletop or Real Scale and follow the on-screen instructions!

What’s new with vsHome AR v2.1?

We’ve made some major changes to the user interface and the app now launches in 2 ways. Installers can still follow the steps above and share models directly from vsHome to the app, but the app can also be launched into the ‘Choose a demo model’ screen. Where users can select from 12 hand-picked designs or visit our website to browse an extensive library of models, created by us to reflect the trends and popularity of todays market.

You will also see the addition of a QR code scanner. A useful feature if an installer shares a model to their customer via email. They can easily scan the QR code with their phone or tablet to open the attached model. Once a model has been shared or selected from our demo options it can now be previewed before defining a viewing mode. With the new layout you can interact with the model preview by spinning it around and zooming in and out.

vsHome AR is included in the free trial of vsHome. Alternatively you can download vsHome AR for free and try out some of our demos models. Download from the Appstore or Google Play.