Our new lead generation tool

works in hand with vsHome AR

A brand new service from PST giving companies the ability to capture new leads as they browse their website.

What are lead generation tools?

Lead generation tools are software applications that allow businesses to attract, capture and nurture potential customers, also known as leads. Various components can be used to attract leads such as landing pages, capture forms or lead magnets (e-books, freebies etc). By using this technology to collect essential contact information from potential customers, companies can then initiate contact and begin the customer journey.

How does our lead generation tool work?

Our lead generation tool works in conjunction with vsHome AR. The idea is as follows; Customers looking to buy a conservatory, orangery etc. will tend to start by looking online. A quick google search will bring up plenty of options for them to peruse. Upon visiting a company’s website, they can then start to examine what type of conservatories are available and if any of the examples on the website look similar to what they’re after. Perhaps an edwardian, lean-to or a solid roof.


This is where the lead capture comes in. By placing a variety of models on your website along with their QR codes. The user, when browsing your website, clicks on one of them or scans the QR code using the vsHome AR app. They will be required to create an account and input their contact information (name, phone, email) which is verified. From then on, we will keep track of every time they click or scan a model to view in the vsHome AR app, which model they viewed and their approximate current location.

This technology enables companies to gain not only new leads but valuable data, giving insights into customer engagement and trending products. Companies can view all verified leads and data from an internal database we developed. To separate this service from PST’s products, as an additional service we can provide a bespoke version of our app with the companies branding included. If you would like to know more about our lead generation tool please get in touch with us directly by email or phone.

Integrate our lead generation tool with Power BI

Power BI is an application created by Microsoft that provides users with tools for analysing, visualising and sharing data. Power BI can be connected to external data sources, so in this case, Power BI can be connected to our own database and provide an interactive dashboard for companies to view their data from the lead generation tool.

You can customise Power BI to include the data most valuable to you, such as model clicks and location.